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About Brady Weaver

In his younger years, Brady Weaver first began riding on the back of bulls, before he moved on to racehorses as a professional jockey. After spending several years on the racetrack, he went on to work for other trainers in several different disciplines before he found his home as a reined cow horse trainer. With San Juan Ranch bred, SJR Reygun (Dual Rey x Playguns King Badger x Playgun), Brady claimed his first major NRCHA title winning the 2017 Stallion Stakes Open and Intermediate Open Championship. He marked an incredible score of 230 in the fence work, and his composite score was an impressive 652. Brady and his family live in Enterprise, Utah, where he specializes in training reined cow horses, as well as training cutting, roping, ranch versatility and ranch sorting horses. Brady is a true professional in character and in his care of horses. Brady’s years of experience on the race tracks and working for other trainers in different disciplines has offered him vast experience in all aspects of this business. Brady and SJR Reygun continue their success, now in the Bridle events.


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